As a Director of John's company, Cecile Blackman gained extensive experience in management and promotional activities; radio and television production; corporate and audio-visual presentation; plus, publishing and licensing ventures.

Cecile's involvement in the international licensing industry enabled her to establish strong relationships with many animation producers, distribution companies and licensing agents.

This became the springboard for establishing Mumbo Jumbo Animation in 2002.

Using Cecile's substantial creative and business skills, Mumbo Jumbo Animation has found a niche in the Australian animation industry with five children's animation series, all created by Mumbo Jumbo Animation.

Mumbo Jumbo Animation has strong, pro-active, working relationships with many talented and award-winning Australian writers, animators, graphic designers, script editors and composers, all of whom are very keen to be involved in any future international co-productions.

John Blackman is one of the most visible and successful personalities in Australian radio and television.

In a show business career spanning nearly 50 years, he has achieved enormous recognition, due (in no small way) to the 28 years he spent with Daryl Somers in the pivotal role as the voice of Dickie Knee and numerous other characters (including himself) behind Australia's longest running variety show Hey Hey It's Saturday.

John has also appeared on many television shows including: Paul Hogan ShowHoliday Island, Prisoner, Personality SquaresBlankety BlanksFamily FeudDaryl Somers Show – just to mention a few.

He also has vast radio experience, starting out at 2GN Goulburn in 1969, 2CA Canberra in 1970 and hosting numerous breakfast shows, including 3AK2UE2GB3UZ and MMM in Adelaide. 

John topped the radio ratings for five years from 1981 to 1986 with the late Bruce Mansfield (AKA Uncle Roy) on 3AW Breakfast.

For seven years, he also co-hosted a daily one-hour music/talk show on 3GG Warragul with Andrew Deak.

John was recently heard hosting the Breakfast Show on Melbourne's MAGIC 1278 with Jane Holmes from 0600 to 1000 for 12 months between 2015 and 2016. 

Recognised for his versatility as the "master of the one-liner and the quick quip", John is still in constant demand as a genial and amusing compere/host for conferences, awards nights and many formal and social occasions.

His humour is droll, spontaneous, mischievous, laconic – and he never drops the F-bomb!

He is equally in demand for endorsement of products on radio, television and press.

John’s familiarity and excellent rapport with his audiences have made him one of the most sought after personalities on the Australian corporate scene.



Under contract to Pan Macmillan Publishing, the AUSSIE SLANG DICTIONARY and DON'T COME THE RAW PRAWN, (published in 1992 and 1993 respectively), John has sold in excess of 50,000 copies Australia wide. He has also enjoyed similar success with a third book in the series entitled JOHN BLACKMAN'S BEST OF AUSSIE SLANG which has also gone into reprint several times.

John's fifth book, AUSSIE GAGS - OVER 1400 OF MY FAVOURITE ONE LINERS & JOKES was released through Pan Macmillan in August 1998 and went into its third reprint just 6 weeks after release.

He enjoyed similar success with AUSSIE SLANG - a re-jacketed version of THE BEST OF AUSSIE SLANG (also released in August 98), which has also undergone a fourth reprint.



DICKIE KNEE was a product of a very fertile imagination from the early days of Hey Hey It's Saturday when he was simply known as the unseen "School Kid".

From there he progressed (with a bit of help from Krystal the Staging Guy) to become Australia's best known head-on-a-stick and comedy comedy icon, popping up in front of the desk each Saturday annoying everybody from Daryl Somers to international celebrities with his smart aleck remarks, insults and jokes.

These days Dickie spends his time in semi-retirement but is still available for fabulously well paid national television commercials, product endorsement and radio commercials.

For details, rates and availability, contact his owner/father/creator/manager/mentor - John Blackman