Australia Day Function (Maribynong) January 2015
VANA Golf Day (Huntingdale) February 2015
Drmmoyne Water Polo Club Luncheon (Sydney) February 2015
Sport Support Trivia Night (Whittlesea) February 2015
Magic 1278 Breakfast gig - Melbourne (March 2015 to May 2016)
First National Golf Day (Mount Barker SA) May 2015
Sorrento Football Club lunch (Sorrento) May 2015
First National Real Estate Convention (New Zealand) May 2015
VANA Awards Night (Melbourne) May 2015
Essendonians Lunch (Melbourne) May 2015
St Peters Trivia Night (Melbourne) June 2015
"Role Model" Charity Ball (Melbourne) June 2015
Essendonians Luch (Melbourne) July 2015
Emergency Services Dinner (Melbourne) July 2015
Essendonians Lunch (Melbourne) 25 July 2015
Homesafe Solutions Function (Westin Hotel - Melbourne) July 2015
Essendonians Lunch (Melbourne) August 2015
AWCI Awards Night (Brisbane) August 2015
Choices Flooring Conference (Brisbane) August 2015
Leading Edge Trivia Night (Melbourne) August 2015
Essendonians Lunch (Melbourne) 29 August 2015
Kingston City Council Lunch (Melbourne) September 2015
CAA Association Awards Dinner (Melbourne) October 2015
SCA Whitbread Strata Awards (Canberra) October 2015
LCA Conference (Gold Coast) November 2015
Essendonians Christmas Party (Melbourne) November 2015
Honda Dealers Christmas Function (Melbourne) November 2015
L.U. Simon Christmas Function (Melbourne) November 2015

Austraiia Day Function (Echuca) January 2014
Independent Vending Machine Operators Lunch (Sydney) February 2014
Rotary Conference (Gold Coast) March 2014
First National Awards Night (Perth) March 2014
First National Golf Day (Adelaide) April 2014
VANA Awards (Melbourne) April 2014

Essendon Football Club Chairman's Dinner (Melbourne) April 2014
First National Real Estate Convention (Darwin) May 2014
ALESCO User Group (Melbourne) May 2014
2CA Canberra (ACT) Outside Broadcast appearances May 2014
St Peter's Primary School Trivia Night (Melbourne) June 2014
Emergency Services Conference Dinner (Melbourne) July 2014
Lara Sporting Club keynote (Melbourne) July 2014
AusContact Awards Night (Melbourne) July 2014
Briars Club Lunch Host (Sydney) July 2014
AWCI Awards Night (Brisbane) July 2014

Australia Day Function (Lang Lang) January 2013
KANGAN TAFE Function (Melbourne) February 2013
Rotary Conference (Albury) March 2013
Task Force Function (Melbourne) April 2013
VANA Awards (Melbourne) April 2013
First National Conference (Hamilton Island) May 2013
Cardinia Business Awards (Melbourne) May 2013
AIC Awards Night (Melbourne) June 2013
Brian McNamee Farewell Function (Melbourne) June 2013
Rotary Club Hawthorn (Melbourne) June 2013
Sunbury CFA Awards Night (Melbourne) June 2013
Choice Hotels Conference (Darwin) July 2013
Kids' Tennis Foundation Gala (Melbourne) July 2013
Choice Hotels Client Lunch (Melbourne) August 2013
Choices Flooring Conference (Sydney) August 2013
AWCIV Awards Night (Melbourne) August 2013
Wyndham Business Awards (Melbourne) September 2013
Beaconsfield Tennis Club Trivia Night (Melbourne) October 2013
LCA Annual Conference (Gold Coast) November 2013
HACCI Excellence Awards (Melbourne) November (201
WIN Re-union Function (Wollongong) November 2013
Special Olympics (Newcastle) December 2013
Healesville Chamber of Commerce Christmas Party (Melbourne) December

Lardner Park Exhibition Lunch (Warragul) February 2012
First National Real Estate Awards (Sydney) February 2012
First National Real Estate Golf Day (Adelaide) March 2012
Cardinia Buiness Awards (Melbourne) May 2012
VANA Awards (Melbourne) May 2012
Good Guys Trivia Night (Melbourne) May 2012
First National Real Estate Conference (Bali) May 2012
Dingley Tennis Club Trivia Night (Melbourne) June 2012
First National Real Estate Golf Day (Darwin) June 2012
Briars Club lunch (Sydney) July 2012
Wyndham City Business Awards (Melbourne) August 2012
Choice Hotels Conference (Melbourne) August 2012
Private Wedding Reception (Melbourne) September 2012
PLAN Annual Conference (Gold Coast) September 2012
Support Act Trivia Night (Melbourne) October 2012
Businessmen's Lunch (Merimbula) October 2012
MS Charity Gala Ball (Melbourne) October 2012
LCA Annual Conference (Gold Coast) November 2012
Melbourne Markets Ballot (Melbourne) December 2012

Mercedes Benz Conference (Alice Springs) February 2011
First National Awards Night (Adelaide) February 2011
First National NSW Awards (Sydney) February 2011
Cancer Council Dinner (Melbourne) February 2011
TAC Internet Commercial (Melbourne) March 2011
Talking 'bout Your Generation (Melbourne) March 2011
Frankston District Basketball Ass Fundraiser (Melbourne) March 2011
Garry Peer Golf Day (Melbourne) April 2011
First National Real Estate Convention (Queensland) May 2011
MLA Meat Ball (Sydney) May 2011
MLA Conference (Queensland) June 2011
Treasury Wine Estates Dinner (Melbourne) July 2011
Probis Lunch (Warragul) July 2011
Franklin Webb Launch (Melbourne) July 2011
HeartKids Dinner (Melbourne) July 2011
NatRoad Conference (Townsville) August 2011
Briars Club Lunch (Sydney) August 2011
CCF Earth Awards (Melbourne) August 2011
National Trivia Night (Melbourne) August 2011
Choice Hotels Conference (Hamilton Island) August 2011
Probuild Awards Dinner (Melbourne) September 2011
Northern Territory Training Awards (Darwin) September 2011
St Laurence Auction Dinner (Geelong) October 2011
AIRAH Awards (Melbourne) October 2011
AWU Annual Ball (Melbourne) October 2011
HTN Awards (Sydney) October 2011
Unicorn Foundation Auction Dinner (Melbourne) October 2011
Licensed Clubs Australia Conference (Gold Coast) November 2011
Melbourne Marine Insurance Forum Lunch (Melbourne) November 2011
Snowy Mountains Engineering Corp Awards (Melbourne) November 2011

AMP New Zealand Conference (Melbourne) January 2010
Mercedes Benz Trucks Conference (Queensland) February 2010
Trucks In Action Day (Warragul) February 2010
Tyres 4 U Golf Day (Sydney) February 2010
Maroondah Hospital Golf Day (Melbourne) February 2010
Diabetes Awarenes Day (Melbourne) February 2010
Tyres 4 U Golf Day (Melbourne) March 2010
Tyres 4 U Golf Day (Queensland) March 2010
Iveco Trucks Awards Night (Melbourne) March 2010
AWU Golf Day (Melbourne) March 2010
Tyres 4 U Golf Day (Perth) April 2010

Canning & Allied Industries Golf Day (Cobram) May 2010
First National Reale Estate Conference (Alice Springs) May 2010
ME Bank Half Year Annual Dinner (Melbourne) June 2010

Men's Health Breakfast (Mornington) June 2010
Autopro Awards Dinner (Melbourne) June 2010
Autobarn Awards Dinner (Melbourne) June 2010
Harvey Norman SEQ Awards Night (Brisbane) July 2010

Kids Under Cover Ball (Melbourne) July 2010
ENVIRO Awards (Melbourne) July 2010
Wesley College gala Night (Melbourne) July 2010
John Logan Foundation Dinner (Melbourne) August 2010
Natroad Conference (Queensland) August 2010
Very Special Kids Ball (Melbourne) August 2010
Civil Contractors Awards (Melbourne) August 2010
National Golf Club Trivia Night (Melbourne) August 2010
Stonnington Charity Gala (Melbourne) August 2010

Provet Golf Day (Victoria GC) February 2009
Maroondah Hospital Golf Day (Heritage GC) February 2009
Optometrists Association of Australia Golf Day (Yarra Yarra GC) March 2009
Hidden Valley Bushfire Relief Golf Day (Hidden Valley GC) March 2009
Mambourin Charity Golf Day (Sanctuary Lakes GC) March 2009
Aristocrat Leisure Industries "Thunderheart" launch (Sydney) March 2009
First National Real Estate Conference (New Zealand) May 2009
Scope Gala Ball (Melbourne) May 2009
Guide Dogs Victoria Sponsor Lunch (Melbourne) May 2009
Tasmanian Independent Retailers Awards Night (Hobart) May 2009
APMA Awards (Sydney) June 2009
Diabetes Week Launch (Melbourne) July 2009
National Golf Club Trivia Night (Melbourne) July 2009
Support Act Rivia Night (Melbourne) July 2009
Concrete4Goulburn Launch (Goulburn) August 2009
NatRoad Conference (Coffs Harbour) August 2009
Australasian Mine Surveyors Convention (Perth) August 2009
Cabinet Association Awards (Melbourne) August 2009
Sabrina Nova Fashion Parade (Melbourne) September 2009
Motor Neurone Disease Fund Raiser (Melbourne) September 2009
Hey Hey It's Saturday Reunion #1 (Melbourne) September 2009
Hey Hey It's Saturday Reunion #2 (Melbourne) October 2009
AWU Golf Day (Torquay Sands GC)
October 2009
Bendigo Mayoral Ball (Bendigo) October 2009
Group Training Association Awards (Sydney) October 2009
HIA NSW Awards (Canberra) October 2009
First National NSW Awards (Sydney) October 2009)
Licenced Clubs Australia Conference (Gold Coast) November 2009
Mildura Business Excellence Awards (Mildura) November 2009
Australian Trucking Association Awards (Phillip Island) November 2009
Brimbank Council Volunteer Awards (Taylors Lakes) December 2009
Snowy Hydro Christmas Party (Canberra) December 2009
APICTA Awards (Melbourne) December 2009

Melbourne Market Awards (Melbourne) February 2008
National Sausage King Awards (Sydney) March 2008
National Golf Club 20th Anniversary Dinner (Cape Schanck) March 2008
Optometrists Association of Australia Golf Day (Yarra Yarra GC) March 2008
Mitre 10 2008 Expo (Melbourne) April 2008
Pernod Ricard Ladies Day (Canterbury R.C.) April 2008
Leighton Contractors Retirement Dinner (Sydney) May 2008
Open Family Australia Fund Raising Ball (Melbourne) May 2008
First National Real Estate Convention (Sanctuary Cove) May 2008
Briars Sporting Club Lunch (Sydney) June 2008
Yarra Yarra Golf Club Trivia Night (Melbourne) June 2008
Vikings Club Sponsors' Lunch (Canberra) July 2008
AMO University Hypothetical & Trivia Night (Hyatt Coolum) July 2008
Quest Serviced Apartments Awards (Melbourne) July 2008
Horseland Awards Night (Melbourne) July 2008
NatRoad Conference (Queensland) August 2008
National Golf Club Trivia Night (Melbourne) August 2008
Master Builders Awards (Adelaide) August 2008
DeLoittes Conference Dinner (Queensland) August 2008
BHP Billiton Trivia Afternoon (Perth) August 2008
Australian Association of Convenience Stores Awards (Melbourne) August 2008
Very Special Kids Charity Ball (Melbourne) August 2008
Mentone Grammar 85th Anniversary Dinner (Melbourne) September 2008
Hartley Lifecare Auction Ball (Canberra) September 2008
Retravision Awards Dinner (Melbourne) September 2008
AutoBarn Awards Dinner (Melbourne) September 2008
Canberra Business Council Awards (Canberra) September 2008
West Coast Eagles Grand Final Brunch (Melbourne) September 2008
Amity & Guardian Awards Night (Melbourne) October 2008
Jetset Travelworld Awards Night (Perth) October 2008
Support Act Trivia Night (Melbourne) October 2008
AWU Charity Golf Day (Torquay Sands GC) October 2008
Victorian Principals Association Dinner (Melbourne) October 2008
Jetset Travelworld Awards (Adelaide) October 2008
Jetset Travelworld Awards (Brisbane) October 2008
Leagues Club Australia Conference (Gold Coast) November 2008
Biofuels Association of Australia Conference (Melbourne) November 2008
Master Builders Awards (Canberra) November 2008
Camp Quality Cherry Ball (Adelaide) November 2008
CSR Bricks & Roofing Golf Day (Melbourne) November 2008
MM Electrical Merchandising Trivia Night (Melbourne) November 2008
Jetset Travelworld Awards (Melbourne) November 2008
Australian Bulk Handling Awards (Sydney) November 2008
St John Ambulance B & W Ball (Melbourne) November 2008
LMA PacMed Trivia Night (Melbourne) December 2008

Mars Petcare 40th Anniversary (Albury) February 2007
ICEE Gala Dinner (Melbourne) February 2007
Melbourne Markets Awards (Melbourne) March 2007
Austin Breast Cancer Research Golf Day (KIngston Heath) March 2007
Moneela Hedge Fund Launch (Melbourne) April 2007
Clive Peeters In Store Appearances (Melbourne) April 2007
Australian Packaging & Machinery Association Awards (Melbourne) May 2007
Leagues Clubs’ Association of NSW Conference (Wollongong) May 2007
First National Real Estate Convention (Hyatt Coolum) May 2006
Mallee Family Day care Auction Night (Mildura) May 2006
Frankston & Peninsular Business Awards (Melbourne) June 2007
Telstra Trivia Night (Melbourne) June 2007
F.I.A.A. Awards night (Melbourne) July 2007
NatRoad Awards (Canberra) August 2007
MBA Excellence Awards (Adelaide) August 2007
HIA GreenSmart Awards (Melbourne) August 2007
DISPRAX 25th Anniversary Dinner (Melbourne) August 2007
Leader Coomunity Newspapers Awards (Melbourne) August 2007
Old Brighton Grammarians Football Club Annual Lunch (Melbourne) August 2007
S.E.W. Eurodrive 25th Anniversary Dinner (Melbourne) November 2007
Make A Difference Ball (Melbourne) November 2007
Murray Business Network After Dinner Presentation (Moama) November 2007
First National SA/NT Awards Night (Adelaide) November 2007
Camp Quality Cherry Ball (Adelaide) November 2007
Diversity Council of Australia Conference (Melbourne) November 2007
CSL Vaccine Launch (Melbourne) November 2007
First National Real Estate Awards (Melbourne) November 2007
Benetas Awards Night (Melbourne) November 2007
PageUp 10th Anniversary Dinner (Melbourne) November 2007

Bayer CropScience Annual Dinner (Adelaide) January 2006
Motorola Trivia Night (Melbourne) April 2006
Kialla Country Golf Club opening (Shepparton) April 2006
C B Richard Ellis Golf Day (Huntingdale) April 2006
Carlton Football Club President’s Dinner (Telstra Dome) April 2006
Australian Trucking Association Awards (Gold Coast) April 2006
Snowy Hydro Southcare Dinner & Auction (Canberra) April 2006
Leagues Clubs’ Association of NSW Conference (Wollongong) May 2006
First National Real Estate Conference (Hobart) May 2006
Sunraysia Auto Group Gala Ball (Mildura) May 2006
OAA Golf Day (Yarra Yarra Golf Club) March 2006
TYCO Golf Day (Huntingdale Golf Club) March 2006
A.L.D.E. Golf Day (Victoria Golf Club) March 2006
Yallambee Stud God’s Zone launch (Melbourne) June 2006
Suncorp Conference (Sunshine Coast) July 2006
Gembrook Football Club 100th Anniversary Dinner (Melbourne) July 2006
IPP Consulting 20th Anniversary Dinner (Melbourne) August 2006
Clive Peeters In Store Appearances (Melbourne) August 2006
Stockdale & Leggo Annual Awards (Melbourne) August 2006
Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation Fund Raiser (Sydney) September 2006
MPRE Real Estate Awards (Melbourne) September 2006
Fronditha Gala Greek Ball (Melbourne) September 2006
Widex 50th Anniversary Dinner (Melbourne) September 2006
Australian Bulk Handling Awards (Melbourne) September 2006
Delphin Lend Lease Awards (Adelaide) October 2006
Lonsdale Financial Services Conference (Hamilton Island) October 2006
Masters of Dentistry Conference Gala Dinner (Melbourne) October 2006
Make A Difference Gala Ball (Melbourne) November 2006
Masters Builders Australia National Awards (Canberra) November 2006
Camp Quality Cherry Ball (Adelaide) November 2006
Lloyds List Shipping Awards (Melbourne) November 2006
Co-Invest 30th Anniversary Dinner (Melbourne) November 2006
First National SA/NT Awards (Adelaide) November 2006
Australian Hotels Association Awards (Sydney) November 2006
Powercor Christmas Party (Melbourne) December 2006
Australian Institute of Company Directors Annual Lunch (Melbourne) December 2006
Australian Netball Players Association Awards (Melbourne) December 2006

Port Fairy Australia Day Ambassador duties (Port Fairy) January 2005
Aristocrat Conference (Canberra) February 2005
Powerware after lunch presentation (Hobart) February 2005
Liverpool City Cup Lunch (Warwick Farm) February 2005
Optometrists Association of Australia Golf Day (Victoria GC) March 2005
San Remo/Newhaven Art Show opening (Cowes - Phillip Island) March 2005
Crown Street Mall Business Awards (Wollongong) March 2005
Fairfax Community Newspapers Sports Star Awards (Melbourne) March 2005
Beacon Hills Pro Am (Melbourne) March 2005
Hankook Tyres product launch (Melbourne) March 2005
The Main Event Seminar (Melbourne) April 2005
3M Golf Day (Victoria GC) April 2005
Clive Peeters In Store appearance (Melbourne) April 2005
William Buck Budget Breakfast (Hotel Sofitel Melbourne) May 2005
Royal Children’s Hospital Charity Ball (Melbourne) May 2005
Australia Land Development Engineers’ Golf day (Victoria GC) May 2005
First National Real Estate Conference (Melbourne) May 2005
Trainee Golf Pro Championships (Tocumwal) May 2005
Becon Constructions Awards Night (Melbourne) July 2005
Briars Sporting Club Lunch (Parliament House – Sydney) July 2005
Hankook Tyres product launch (Melbourne) July 2005
Jewellers’ Association Golf Day (Victoria GC) July 2005
Swann Insurance Awards Night (Melbourne) July 2005
Horwath Trivia Night (Gold Coast) July 2005
Australian Teleservices Awards (Melbourne) July 2005
MIAA State Dinner Dance (Melbourne) July 2005
Kithome commercials (Melbourne) August 2005
Premier’s Art Awards (Melbourne) August 2005
Law Institute Trivia Night (Melbourne) August 2005
Clive Peeters In Store appearance (Melbourne) August 2005
Powerware After Lunch presentation (Darwin) August 2005
Victorian Vegetable Growers’ Association Dinner (Melbourne) August 2005
Hospitality Training Network Awards (Gold Coast) September 2005
Delphin Grand Masters Awards (Adelaide) October 2005
Make-a-Wish Fund Raising Ball (Melbourne) October 2005
Powerware After Lunch (Hobart) October 2005
Camp Quality Fund Raising Ball (Adelaide) October 2005
Age Newspaper Newsagents’ Awards (Melbourne) October 2005
Australian TAFE Marketing Awards (Sydney) October 2005
Lonsdale Finance Conference (Melbourne) October 2005
Italian Chamber of Commerce Awards (Melbourne) October 2005
National Pharmacies Awards (Melbourne) November 2005
Services Clubs Association Conference (Canberra) November 2005
Zeiss Conference (Dooralong NSW) November 2005
Ericsson Conference (Melbourne) December 2005
IMG – Masters Golf hosting (Huntingdale GC) December 2005

Essendon Rotary Club After-Dinner (Essendon) January 2004
Aristocrat Conference (Sydney) February 2004
Whirlpool Conference & Corporate Video (Melbourne) February 2004
Clive Peeters Corporate Golf Day (Melbourne) February 2004
Swann Insurance Awards Night (Melbourne) March 2004
Liverpool City Cup Lunch (Sydney) March 2004
IGA State Conference (Lorne) March 2004
Bayside Recruitment Golf Day (Melbourne) March 2004
“Safety In Action” Awards Dinner (Melbourne) March 2004
Peter Powers TV Program (Melbourne) April 2004
Clive Peeters In Store Appearance (Melbourne) April 2004
Nudie Balloon Product Launch (Vodaphone Arena) April 2004
TEAC Conference (Melbourne) April 2004
Craig Parry Charity Golf Day (Melbourne) May 2004
Fairfax Community Newspapers Sports Awards (Melbourne) May 2004
Shepparton Chamber of Commerce After Dinner (Shepparton) May 2004
Harvey Norman Conference (Blue Mountains) May 2004
Sandhurst Golf Club Corporate Day (Melbourne) June 2004
OAMPS Dinner & Auction (Melbourne) June 2004
ATA Awards (Melbourne) July 2004
Furnitex Awards (Melbourne) July 2004
IGA Conference (Gold Coast) July 2004
Australian Achievers Awards (Melbourne) July 2004
Reynolds & Co Christmas In July (Melbourne) July 2004
Powerware After Lunch (Sydney) August 2004
Mallesons Trivia Night (Melbourne) August 2004
Clive Peeters In Store (Melbourne) August 2004
Powerware After Lunch (Canberra) August 2004
Hospitality Training Network Awards (Canberra) September 2004
Services Clubs Association Conference (Canberra) September 2004
Kangan TAFE Awards (Melbourne) October 2004
Delphin Lend Lease Awards (Melbourne) October 2004
Masters of Dentistry Conference (Sydney) October 2004
Hellenic Awards Night (Melbourne) October 2004
Australia Post Trivia Night (Canberra) November 2004
Australian National Training Awards (Melbourne) November 2004
Corporate Golf Day (Kingswood GC) November 2004
Multiplex Golf Day (Commonwealth GC) November 2004
VACC Annual Dinner (Melbourne) November 2004
AADA Awards Night (Melbourne) November 2004
Powerware After Lunch (Perth) December 2004
Aristocrat CEO Golf Day (Concord GC) December 2004
Fairfax Community Newspapers Christmas Party (Melbourne) December 2004

Crown Street Retail Awards (Wollongong) January 2003
KFC Awards Dinner (Maroochydore) February 2003
Flight Centre Golf Day (Huntingdale) February 2003
A.M.P. Awards Night (Melbourne) February 2003
Beacon Hills Pro Am (Melbourne) March 2003
Makita Conference (Canberra) April 2003
Be Your Best Talent Quest (Melbourne) April 2003
AIRAH Awards (Canberra) May 2003
Banksia Awards (Queensland) May 2003
Australian Humanitarian Awards (Melbourne) May 2003
GMAV Golf Day (National Golf Club) June 2003
Formula One Launch (Melbourne) June 2003
Gold Coast Media Club (Queensland) June 2003
National Driving Test Warm Up (Melbourne) June 2003
Property Council Awards (Melbourne) June 2003
Automotive After Market Awards (Melbourne) June 2003
NECA Awards (Melbourne) June 2003
Melbourne Football Club Banquet Auction (Melbourne) July 2003
Furnitex Dinner & Awards (Melbourne) July 2003
Stockdale & Leggo Awards Night (Melbourne) July 2003
Australian Property Institute Awards (Melbourne) August 2003
Clive Peeters Celebrity Chef (Melbourne) August 2003
Southern Golf Club Gala Opening (Melbourne) September 2003
ABTA Awards (Melbourne) September 2003
National Meat Association Dinner (Melbourne) October 2003
Pauls Group 6-Day Conference (New Zealand) October 2003
REIV Awards (Melbourne) October 2003
Invensys Lunch (Melbourne) October 2003
SCAL Conference (Canberra) November 2003
Landscape Industry Awards (Melbourne) November 2003
Youth Skills Awards Night (Newcastle) November 2003
Hankook Tyres Dinner (Melbourne) November 2003
Hospitality Training Network Lunch (Gold Coast) November 2003
Professionals Real Estate Awards (Melbourne) November 2003
International Festival of Golf Day (Moonah Links) November 2003
VACC Annual Dinner (Melbourne) November 2003
Carols by Candlelight (Dandenong) December 2003
OCE Annual Christmas Party (Melbourne) December 2003

Phillips Electronics Trivia Afternoon Hyatt Coolum January 2002
Bob Shearer Charity Golf Day (Sanctuary Lakes) February 5 2002
Kim & Christian Maclean Wedding (Melbourne) February 2002
Crown Street Mall 2001 Retail & Business Awards (Sydney) February 2002
AMP Super Hero Night (Melbourne) February 2002
KFC Taco Bell Awards Night (Horizons Golf Resort) February 2002
Clive Peeters Annual Golf Day (Melbourne) February 2002
Toyota ‘Dealer Of The Year’ (Melbourne) March 2002
Ossie Pickworth Golf Day (Melbourne) March 2002
Ringwood Pro-Am Presentations (Melbourne) March 2002
Gift Industry Golf Day (Melbourne) April 2002
Property Council Gala Ball (Brisbane) April 2002
Xplor Asia Pacific“ Hypothetical” (Sydney) May 2002
Lighthouse Foundation Golf Day (Melbourne) May 2002
Motor Neuron Disease Fund Raiser (Melbourne) May 2002
Furnitex Excellence Awards (Melbourne) July 2002
Stockdale & Leggo Awards Night (Melbourne) July 2002
Telstra World Cup Trivia Challenge (Sydney) July 2002
N.E.C.A Awards Night (Melbourne) July 2002
Australian Property Institute Awards (Melbourne) August 2002
Thomaiy Breast Cancer Lunch (Melbourne) September 2002
Fine Food Awards 2002 (Melbourne) September 2002
Australasian Association Of Convenience Stores Awards (Melbourne) September

“Professionals” Annual Awards Night (Melbourne) September 2002
N.E.C.A. Conference (Sydney) September 2002
Auto One 4-Day Conference (Hyatt Coolum) September 2002
Ryde College Of T.A.F.E. Awards (Sydney) October 2002
Siemens 130-Year Celebration Dinner (Melbourne) October 2002
Leader Newspaper Business Awards (Melbourne) October 2002
Australian Institute Of Credit Management Conference (Adelaide) October 2002
H.I.A. Awards Night (Adelaide) October 2002
Austronics/Automate/Electrix 2002 Awards (Melbourne) October 2002
MAS National Apprenticeship Services Golf Day (Melbourne) October 2002
“Professionals” Annual Awards Night (Sydney) October 2002
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Golf Day (Melbourne) October 2002
Paperlinx Golf Day & Dinner (Huntingdale) November 2002
National Meat Association Awards Night (Melbourne) November 2002
Landscape Industries Association Of Victoria Awards (Melbourne) November 2002
Leader Newspapers State Business Awards (Melbourne) November 2002
Liverpool City Council Business Awards (Sydney) November 2002
Australasian Society Of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons “Hypothetical” (Canberra) November 2002
Bairnsdale Business Awards Night (Bairnsdale) November 2002
Association Of Consulting Engineers (ACEA) Awards For Excellence (Melbourne) December 2002
Clipsal Annual Christmas Lunch (Melbourne) December 2002
Melbourne City Council Annual Staff Ball (Melbourne) December 2002

Official Australia Day Lunch (Melbourne) January 2001
Crown “Rich Rewards Night” (Melbourne) February 2001
Macquarie Bank Trivia Night (Melbourne) February 2001
Epworth Corporate Golf Challenge (Melbourne) February 2001
Clive Peeters Golf Day (Melbourne) February 2001
Add Lib Grand Prix Lunch (Melbourne) February 2001
Patterson River Golf Day (Melbourne) March 2001
G.E. Mortgages Golf Day (Sydney) March 2001
State School Relief Committee Golf Day (Melbourne) March 2001
Mercy Hospital Annual Ball (Melbourne) March 2001
Starlight Foundation Charity Ball (Melbourne) April 2001
Secretaries Day Charity Breakfast (Melbourne) April 2001
Property Council Annual Ball (Melbourne) April 2001
R.V.I.B. Charity Ball (Melbourne) May 2001
Printing Industry Ball (Melbourne) May 2001
De Loitte Touche Corporate Function (Melbourne) May 2001
Macquarie Bank Trivia Challenge (Sydney) June 2001
Hotel Motel Accommodation Association Awards (Mudgee) July 2001
St Kilda Football Club Banquet Auction (Melb) July 2001
Knox City Re-Development Re-Launch Function (Melb) July 2001
F.I.A.A. “Fastest Upholsterer Competition (Melb) July 2001
F.I.A.A. “Furnitex Excellence Awards” (Melbourne) July 2001
Old Xaverian’s Banquet Auction (Melbourne) August 2001
Flag Hotels Conference (Sydney) August 2001
Michael Page Trivia Night (Melbourne) August 2001
Australian Marketing Institute Awards (Melbourne) August 2001
British American Tobacco Product Launch (Sydney) August 2001
M.A.P.S. Awards Night (Melbourne) September 2001
Auto One Annual Conference (Royal Pines) September 2001
N.E.C.A Awards (Sydney Convention Centre) September 2001
Lighthouse Foundation Golf Day (Melb) September 2001
N.I.B.A. Convention (Queensland) October 2001
Brighton Rotary Charity Fashion Parade (Melbourne) October 2001
Mobileworld Corporate Golf Day (Sunshine G.C.) October 2001
Entrepreneurial Challenge (Adelaide University) October 2001
Exide Technologies Function (Gold Coast) October 2001
Leader Newspaper Business Awards (Melbourne) October 2001
Victoria University Vet Awards (Melbourne) November 2001
Galaxy Energy Awards (Melbourne) November 2001
Epping Old Boys Dinner (Macquarie University) November 2001
Royal Guide Dogs Open Day (Melbourne) November 2001
VECCI Function (Melbourne) November 2001
Porsche Club Annual Dinner (Melbourne) November 2001
Volunteers Festival (Melbourne) December 2001
Hardware Association Xmas Dinner (Melbourne) December 2001
Launch “I-Team Nova.Com” Cycle Team (Melbourne) December 2001
Host Jack Newton Celebrity Pro-Am (Twin Waters) December 2001

Roche Welcome Dinner (Melb) January 2000
Allan Border Medal- Warm Up (Melb) January 2000
Smith Clyne Beecham Awards (Melb) Feb 2000
Australian Personnel Solutions (Melb) Feb 2000
Smiths Snack Foods Launch (Melb) March 2000
Smiths Snack Foods Launch (Adelaide) March 2000
Smiths Snack Foods Launch (Perth) March 2000
Smiths Snack Foods Launch (Sydney) March 2000
Mercy Hospital Annual Ball (Melb) March 2000
Whitehall Investment Seminar (Melb) Mar 2000
Whitehall Investment Seminar (Brisbane) Mar 2000
Whitehall Investment Seminar (Sydney) Mar 2000
A.R.I.A.H. 2000 Conference (Melb) March 2000
Liberal Party Gala Dinner (Melb) April 2000
Crown Million Dollar Night (Melb) April 2000
Fitzroy F.C. Hall Of Fame Day (Melb) April 2000
Guide Dogs Award Night (Melbourne) May 2000
Energy Efficiency Awards (Melb) May 2000
Australian Achievers' Dinner (Melb) May 2000
R.V.I.B. Ball (Melbourne) June 2000
St Vincent's Ball (Melbourne) June 2000
A.T.V. Awards (Sydney) June 2000
Furniture Industry Awards (Melb) July 2000
Furniture Industry Ball (Melb) July 2000
Triumph Of Voices Concert (Melb) August 2000
Lara Grollo 21st Birthday (Melb) August 2000
Menere’s BMW Launch (Melb) September 2000
M.A.P.S. Annual Dinner (Melb) September 2000
Printing Industry Dinner (Melb) Sept 2000
Amp Society Olympic Dinner (Melb) Sept 2000
Australian Marketing Awards (Melb) Sept 2000
Hume City Council Awards (Melb) October 2000
S.A. Housing Industry Awards (Adel) Oct 2000
Eden On Park Golf Day (Melbourne) October 2000
Deloitte Touche Golf Day (Melb) October 2000
V.E.C.C.I. “T.R.I.P.” 10-Year Dinner (Melb) Oct 2000
Golden Stylus Awards (Melbourne) October 2000
Country Wide 5-Day Conference (N.Z.) October 2000
Excellence In The West Awards (Melb) November 2000
N.Z. Dairy Foods Awards Night (Melb) November 2000
Royal Guide Dogs Open Day (Melb) November 2000
National Pharmacies Awards (Adelaide) Nov 2000
Brighton Star Mercedes Launch (Melb) Nov 2000
Fine Foods/Supermarket Awards (Melb) Nov 2000
Michael Page Trivia Night (Melbourne) November 2000
Porsche Club Christmas Party (Melb) November 2000
Hardware Industry Xmas Night (Melb) November 2000
A.M.P. Trivia Night (Melbourne) December 2000

Wrest Point Promotion (Hobart) January 99
Orica Awards Night (Perth) January 99
Amrad Awards Night (Melb) February 99
Godfrey Pembroke Awards (Hobart) Feb 99
Ass. For The Blind Golf Day (Shepparton) Feb 99
Goodyear Conference (Melb) 1-2-3 March 1999
Liberal Party Lunch (Melb) March 1999
Brisbane Tourism Awards (Brisbane) March 1999
Smoke Free Golf Tournament (Melb) April 99
Dairy Industry Association Awards (Melb) April 99
C.F.C.N Golf Day (Kingston Heath) June 1999
Barry Plant Awards (Melb) June 1999
Australian Hotels Association Awards (Melb) June 1999
Singapore Airlines 4-Day Promotion (Melb) July 99
Furniture Industry Awards (Melb) July 1999
ATV Awards (Sydney) August 1999
Eastland Excellence Awards (Melb) Aug 1999
Retail Business Tech Conf (Melb) Aug 1999
Printing Industry Awards (Melb) August 1999
Finemore's Awards Night (Melb) August 1999
Miss World Australia Awards (Darwin) Sept 1999
Lady Of Racing Awards (Melb) September 99
Crown Magic Millions (Melb) September 99
Civic Video Awards Night (Melb) September 99
Victorian Training Awards (Melb) Sept 99
Hume Council Retail Awards (Melb) Oct 1999
Challenger Int. Awards (Sydney) November 1999
Guide Dogs Open Day (Melb) November 1999
St George Bank Ball (Sydney) November 1999
Property Council Awards (Sydney) Nov 1999
Thorney Holdings Xmas Party (Melb) November 1999
Hardware Ass. Xmas Party (Melb) Nov 1999
Australia Post Xmas Party (Brisbane) November 1999

Long Island Golf Club Pennant Night (Melb -98)
M.D.M.C. Quarterly Lunch (Melbourne - 98)
Visyboard Golf Day (Spring Valley - 98)
Mazda Foundation Golf Day (Melb - 98)
Sony Product Launch (Melbourne) May 98
Sony Product Launch (Brisbane) May 98
Sony Product Launch (Sydney) May 98
Australian Catalogue Awards (Melb) May 98
Kids Under Cover Ball (Melbourne) June 98
Barry Plant Golf Day (Kingston Links) June 98
Barry Plant Real Estate Awards (Melb) June 98
M.D.M.C Quarterly Lunch (Melbourne) June 98
Tabaret Awards Night (Melbourne) June 98
Primus Seminar (Melb) July 98
Bledisloe Cup Lunch (Melbourne) July 98
Hitachi “Freedom” Launch (Sydney) July 98
Hitachi “Freedom” Launch (Melbourne) July 98
Annual V.E.C.C.I. Dinner (Melbourne) July 98
“Bluey Day” Auction (Moonee Valley) July 98
Telstra Awards Night (Melb) July 98
Telstra C&C Sales Awards (Adelaide) August 98
A.M.P. “Shindig”(Royal Melbourne Showgrounds) Aug 98
M.D.M.C. Quarterly Lunch (Melbourne Sep 98)
NSW R.E.S.I. Awards (Sydney) Sep 98)
M.A.P.S. Group Awards Night (Melb) Sep 98
Philip Morris Franklins Awards (Sydney) Oct 98
Philip Morris Franklins Awards (Melb) Oct 98
Philip Morris Franklins Awards (Brisbane) Oct 98
Philip Morris Franklins Awards (Adelaide) Oct 98
Tektronics Copier Launch (Melb) Oct 98
"Breaking The Cycle" Charity (Melb) Nov 98
Epilepsy Foundation Charity (Melb) Nov 98
Orica Team Awards Night (Melb) December 98
Miss Victoria Ball (Melb) December 98
Jack Newton Pro-Am (Maroochydore) Dec 98

Budget Golf Classic Presentation Night (Melb- 97)
Kelloggs Conference (Sanctuary Cove - 97)
Norwich Union Trivia Night (Melbourne -97)
Norwich Union Trivia Night (Hyatt Coolum - 97)
International Women’s’ Federation Night (Melb-97)
Norwich Union Trivia Night (Port Stephens - 97)
Norwich Union Trivia Night (Adelaide -97)
Norwich Union Trivia Night (Perth - 97)
Connections Awards Night (Melbourne - 97)
Guide Dogs Day (Melbourne - 97)
Ass. For The Blind “River Run & Walk” (Melb - 97)
Shire Of Mitchell Business Awards (Melb. - 97)
R.E.S.I. Awards Night (Sydney - 97)
Nissan Awards Night (Melbourne - 97)
Lamb Industry Awards Night (Melbourne - 97)
Crop-A-Cop Day (Melbourne - 97)
Hewlett Packard Product Launch (Melbourne - 97)
Hewlett Packard Product Launch (Sydney - 97)
Australian Human Resources Trivia Night (Melb - 97)
Add-Lib Luncheon (Melbourne - 97)
Australian Customer Awards (Melbourne - 97)
Goodyear National Dealer Conference (Qld - 97)
Australian Hotels Association Awards (Melb - 97)
Australian Hotels Association Awards (Sydney - 97)
Glenfiddich Cask Strength Launch (Perth - 97)
Glenfiddich Cask Strength Launch (Adelaide - 97)
Glenfiddich Cask Strength Launch (Melbourne -97)
Glenfiddich Cask Strength Launch (Sydney - 97)
Glenfiddich Cask Strength Launch (Brisbane - 97)
Employability Awards - (Melbourne - 97)
M.D.M.C. Xmas Lunch (Melbourne - 97)

N.T.Keno/Darwin Casino Launch (Darwin - 96)
Box Hill R.S.L. Gaming Room Launch (Melb - 96)
Meetings Industry Association Awards (Melbourne - 96)
Budget Golf Classic Launch (Melbourne - 96)
Eltham Village Fashion Parade (Melbourne - 96)
Crown Casino Grand Final Breakfast (Melb - 96)
Tooheys Grand Final Breakfast (Melbourne - 96)
McDonalds Awards Night (Melbourne - 96)
BMW New Showroom Opening (Melbourne - 96)
Australian Direct Marketing Awards (Sydney - 96)
Australian Hotels Association Awards (Sydney - 96)
Education Foundation Awards (Melbourne - 96)
M.D.M.C. Lunches (Melbourne X 4)
Australia Day Ambassador Lunch - (Melbourne - 96)

Fitzroy Football Club Luncheons, Balls & Rallies
Denis Lillee Testimonial
N.Z. Govt. Tourist Bureau Convention
Grand Final Luncheons
King Of Moomba Concert
America’s Cup Victory Ball - Perth
State Bank Staff Extravaganza (with Dickie Knee)
Saab New Car Launch
Bond Corp Swan Lager Launch
F.A.C.T.S. Retail Awards
Nissan New Car Launches (Four states)
Jetset Tours Convention (Cairns)
Ford Australia Convention (Sydney)
A.M.P. Convention (Melbourne)
Telecom Small Business Awards (Melbourne)
L’oreal Trade Presentation (Nine Network)
Nissan National Dealer Conference (All States)
U.T.A.G. Conference (Sydney)
National Mutual State Conference (Perth)
Suncorp Corporate Dinner (Brisbane)
Smith Family Gala Dinner (Melbourne)
Secretaries’ Day Function (Melbourne)
Sony Music Roast “Gold Turkey Awards” (Sydney)
R.V.I.B. Gala Ball (Melbourne)
Chelsea Tatts Pokies Opening
P.G.A. Schweppes Golf Challenge (Queensland)
Caulfield R.S.L. Tatts Pokies Opening
Norwich Union National Conference (Bali)
O.A.M.P.S. National Conference (Geelong)
A.F.L. Grand Final Breakfast (Crown Casino)
Vic. Government Small Business Awards (Melb)
Kodak Tele-Conference (Nine Network)
Australian Direct Marketing Awards (Sydney)
Parkmore Shopping Centre Fashion Parade
R.E.I.V. Quiz Night (Melbourne)
Liberal Party Quiz Night (Melbourne)
Ass. For The Blind Centenary Celebration (Melbourne)
P.G.A. Holden Scramble Final (Queensland)
Celtic Club Tatts Pokies Opening
National Mutual Convention (Perth)
Holden Scramble Presentation Night (Melbourne)
Skilled Engineering Grand Prix Briefings (Melbourne)
Australian Catalogue Awards (Sydney)
National Guide Dogs Day (Melbourne)
Ass. For The Blind “River Run & Walk (Melbourne)
Bankwest Function (Perth)
Motorola Product Launch (Melbourne Sydney Brisbane)
Australian Ski Awards (Melbourne)
P.G.A. Schweppes Golf Challenge Finals (Queensland)
Glaxo In-House Video Presentation (Melbourne)
McDonalds Crew Presentation Night (Melbourne)