Children are the only form of immortality that we can be sure of


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AFP issues warrants for Australian ISIL fighters

Khaled Sharrouf
and Mohamed Elomar recently posted images from Iraq on Twitter, showing them posing with the heads of executed fighters and holding guns

Atop the fires of war is repatriation of the 38 dead Australians

They are stoking the fires of war on the steppes of the old Soviet Union, and atop the blaze is Tony Abbott's promise to repatriate the remains of 38 Australians

Unemployed will 'give
something back'

The federal government has revealed details of what will constitute "work for the dole" activities, saying the jobs will be designed to help job seekers "give something back"

Jetstar warns high flyers before landing in Sydney: 'Flush your drugs now'

A JETSTAR crew member told a plane load of passengers there were sniffer dogs waiting at the airport and suggested they flush their drugs away ­before landing

Delta pilot on wrong taxiway unleashes fury on air-traffic control

When an air-traffic controller at warned a Delta Airlines pilot that he was heading towards the wrong taxiway, an argument about attitude ensued over the airwaves

Disgraced former speaker Peter Slipper faces five years jail

DISGRACED former speaker Peter Slipper has been found guilty of ripping off taxpayers when he indulged in day trips to Canberra fine wineries as a federal Coalition MP

Richmond's Ty Vickery suspended for four matches at AFL tribunal

One of the most adversarial acts seen in an AFL match in recent seasons concluded with one of the most conciliatory tribunal hearings of recent times

Squash duo overcome Commonwealth Games selection controversy

"Change is courage", said the T-shirts of the Sri Lankans who played Australia in the first round of the Comm Games squash doubles tournament, not so for this Aussie pair


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Doug Anthony Allstars: bad boys of comedy back for more

The Doug Anthony Allstars were the monster gods of Australian comedy. Then they called it a day. "For 10 years we were wondering why we broke up as well," McDermott says

Ten airs awkward Commonwealth Games interview with James Magnussen

HAVE you ever been at a party where you get stuck talking a most difficult person and just can't get away? James Magnussen found himself in that predicament on Channel Ten

Jonathan Coleman is probably the happiest man on telly

THE face is familiar and so is the voice. But wait a minute. Who is it again? And why on earth is he wearing a snorkel and a silly rubber thing around his neck?

Bieber shows off his attempt at facial hair at Young Hollywood Awards

HE's got the tatts, he's got the abs. Now Justin Bieber is cultivating some pretty ordinary facial hair, just to let us know once and for all, he's well and truly grown up

Larrikin teenager who won $100,000 says he 'read' Eddie McGuire's face

Khaled El-Katateny walked away from the game show Millionaire Hot Seat on Monday with $100,000 despite not knowing the answer to a single question

Super penthouse could be Australia's most expensive property

A penthouse at the top of the Crown Sydney hotel and casino at Barangaroo could be the first Australian property to break the $100 million price barrier

Voice host Darren McMullen spies big career move as the next 007

McMullen wants to be James Bond. The 32-year-old, who is best known as host of The Voice, has taken the first steps in his acting career and playing 007 is his ultimate goal

Kylie Minogue shows off her stunning body in next month's issue of GQ Italia

AUSTRALIA's 46-year-old pop princess Kylie Minogue has proved that age is no barrier, flaunting her smoking hot body on the cover of next month's GQ Italia





















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Budget Funerals: Where the widow gets to ride on the running board of the hearse!



2006 - The world's longest running music show Top of the Pops is broadcast for the last time on BBC Two

- Simon Baker, Australian actor, director, and producer (43)

2012 - Jonathan Hardy
, New Zealand-Australian actor and screenwriter (b. 1940)

Fist bumps relay 90 percent less germs than handshakes: study

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